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2020 Color Of The Year For House Paint


2020 is the beginning of a new year and is also ushering in a new decade. The trend is leaning towards health, wellness and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit because it is a new beginning, a fresh start. Now is a great time for change and updating a part of your home. The easiest way is to select one room and update it with a new color of paint. Sherwin Williams selected Naval SW 6244 as the Color Of The Year for 2020.

Naval is a rich color and since it is in the blue/green range it evokes a feeling of calm and tranquility. This is a good color to select for a room where you want to make a statement and exude confidence. If you use this in the living room or a bedroom, you can add splashes of color for the artwork on the walls or the pillows on the couch or bed.

The beauty of this color is that it evokes a sense of nature like the sky on a dark night or the deep, tranquility of the ocean when it is calm. It will complement natural colors and textures such as neutral tones and heavy, burlap textures. Darker stained wood furniture or light wood accents will fit right into the room as well as linen or light shades on the material on a couch. Add natural components such as granite or marble. Live plants or flowers will also be a great addition as you use the outside world as your inspiration.

Complimentary Colors

The best complementary colors for this bold color are other colors found in nature such as browns/golds, yellows and greens. Sherwin Williams suggests the following:

  • SW 9026 Tarnished Trumpet
  • SW 6695 Midday
  • SW 6460 Kale Green

Remember that nature is the main influence. Any color combination you find outside will go well with the Color Of The Year. 2020 is also used when talking about vision. Let your imagination run wild with accents and pops of color to give a new fresh, feeling to any room or space as you start the next 10 year span.

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