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50 Shades of Gray House Paint


Black, White, and Gray Palettes Add Sophistication and  Elegance to a Room

When you’re designing for sleek elegance and sophistication, nothing screams louder than a black and white design.  However, when you’re looking for ways to up the ante, yet remain on trend, blending shades of grey is the perfect choice to complete this modern aesthetic.  Depending on how the color palette is dispersed, the room can take on different personalities from light and vibrant to dark and moody.  Check out our gallery below for some design inspiration to accomplish the look for any room in the home!

A Monochromatic Living Room That Shines

living room shows how grey house paint can combine on the walls to make an elegant room

This monochromatic living room remains light, airy and spacious with its mix of black and white walls, perfectly offset with wood and grey tiling accents and a chevron pattern rug.  The bold black trim adds interest to the walls, while the windows allow natural lighting to fill the space.  This living room is a dynamic example of how to utilize black, white and grey to make your living room truly stand out.

A Stunning Master Bedroom in Black Paint

Black paint bedroom is stunning with matching black bedding and white sheets

Picture your bedroom as a vision in black.   The dark interior of this master suite is the perfect space for relaxing after a long day, while the huge wide windows allow the light to bounce off the walls creating a stark yet stimulating effect.  The tall indoor plants add an exotic element to the room, while the grey and white linens provide an ever so subtle contrast to the overall feeling of this bold design.

A Modern Kitchen in Black and Silver Gray

a black painted and black cabinets with aluminum accents and white counters

One way to keep your kitchen clean is to keep the color palette simple, and this monochromatic color combination allows you to truly showcase this design spectacle.  The contrasting black cabinetry and gray island with white walls feels open adding a modern aesthetic to this refreshingly simplistic kitchen.

A Spectacular Dark Gray Blue Bathroom Design

Here, in this modern bathroom, the dark gray-blue midnight tones of the walls take centerstage, while the white cabinetry and white tub provide light touches of contrast.  This design features a free-standing separate tub, allowing for an extra space for bathing or relaxation after a long day’s work.  The dark paint with glossy white moldings in here adds a touch of serenity to this bathroom while the plants are the perfect element of peace and delicacy for your enjoyment.

Grey walls in this modern living room with yellow accents

Liven Up Your Living Room

The charcoal interior walls of this modern design, mixed with the natural lighting of this living room creates a bright and airy design aesthetic.  Here, the black is limited to accents, with preference given to the white and gray contrast walls, chairs and other decorative elements which further lightens the space.  The small white table and yellow accents shake up the color combination and is a delightful surprise for this living room.

As you can see, there are many options for creating monochromatic looks for your home design projects.  From bold cabinetry color options, to accent walls and rugs, to decorative elements there are many options to help you recreate any number of these looks for any room in your home.  To keep your design project clean, yet exciting, try this black, white and gray combination today.

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