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Accent Walls That Pop


Accent Walls Add Flare and Drama to Every Room

If you’re looking to add a touch of Modern pizzazz to your home, accent walls are a definite way to go.  Who says the entire room has to be the same color…pattern…or texture for that matter?  Spicing things up in your home adds intrigue and drama and we’ve got just the solution for you – these accent wall ideas will have you scrambling for a professional painter or for do it yourself types – paint supplies in no time.  And what’s even better than inspiration like this?  Options…

We’ve listed some amazing options for your accent wall ideas for some of the most popular rooms in your home!

Dynamic Tween Bedroom or Guest Room

tween bedroom wit red walls and a purple accent wall

Tween and guest rooms just got more exciting!  Your teens will love entertaining friends in this contemporary bedroom with white built-ins and bed frames and a deep purple accent wall. Poinsettia walls add depth and colorful excitement and the accent wall adds bold splash of color that truly makes this room a work of art.  The sparse artwork, white floated shelves and white furnishings really bring out the dynamic color palette ensuring that bedroom is fun yet trendy.

Freelance Studio Divides Long Wall into Accent Area

accent wall in black for this home office and workstation area

Your flex space should absolutely have distinct areas, and an accent wall is the perfect way to separate the work space from the play space.  The light wall is engagingly energetic and airy – suitable for long days at the computer, while the black accent wall adds a soothing contrast to the space, ideal for lounging late at night!  This is a home office that will take you comfortably from day to night.

Charcoal Accent Wall Turns This Bedroom into a Not So Basic One

blue walls in bedroom has a charcoal accent wall

There’s more than one way to spice up the bedroom, and in fact, there are two.  Notice the way the accent wall shakes up the dynamic of this bedroom haven.  The cyan interior, mixed with the wooden furniture really brings this room to life.  When adding your colored wall, don’t be afraid to mix and match interesting patterns with quilts, decorative wall art, or stimulating memorabilia.

Color Adds a Twist of Cool

wall bed on blue accent wall with white walls surrounding it

This loft benefits from the royal blue accent wall with a built-in desk and wallbed storage.  This look can also be achieved in a variety of colors using different variations of paint.  The blue perfectly suits the masculine feel of this modernized space, while the gray accent bedding and pillows add a touch of subtle vibrancy.  Let your loft or spare room welcome you home with open arms.

A Multi-Color Master with Texture

bedroom with multiple textures and colors

Who says you have to stick with one color, two colors, or even three paint colors?  We say, the more the merrier!  If you really want to spice up the look of a room, add decorative textures on the walls which can include tile, wood, fabrics, and wallpaper with plenty of color and drama!  With so many color and material options, you’ll be able to add matching elements to any room including bedding, pillows, furniture, artwork and end tables.  There’s no better way to liven up your area than by adding texture, color and flare galore!

Texture, Texture and More Texture as Seen in This Bathroom

bathroom with textured accent walls in brick and wood paneling

We’ve talked a lot about colorful accent walls, but sometimes it’s the texture that truly makes an accent wall stand out, and this bathroom is no exception.  This urban contemporary bathroom features a wood panel accent wall joining into the industrial brick from the outer walls of the building. This white bathroom has a subtle touch of contrast and  under-stated elegance.  Not shown is the white walls that complete the space. Why not make your bathroom a comfortable space that you’ll never want to leave?

As you can see, there are options aplenty for your accent wall.  Think outside the box for ways to add extra flare to any room in your home with a colorful accent wall today!

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