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Bedroom Paint Colors


Best Smart Phone Apps For Bedroom Paint Colors

Some people are just talented when it comes to creating a color palette for their homes and specifically for their bedrooms. But, for most people, the art of creating the perfect color combination comes down to buying those little tester cans of paint and hitting the frustrating road of trial and error. Fortunately, with today’s technological advances in digital color generation, the art of color creation can be easily achieved with one of several different smartphone applications.

Here are three of the best FREE (or almost free) apps for homeowners to use on their smartphones when they want to create a bedroom paint color palette for their homes’ master, secondary, kid, and guest bedrooms.

Color Grab by Loomatix

master bedroom paint colors in peacock blue and tans

colorgrab app is useful for picking paint colors for the bedroom

Have you ever seen a pure, deep blue sky illuminating a summer morning? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could take that color and match it with paint to redecorate your master bedroom?  Or, how about capturing the crimson red of a rose in perfect bloom to use as a color swatch for your private home office? Well, now with Loomatix’s Color Grab app, you can use your smartphone to capture the colors of nature and translate them into a digital code. Color Grab can also take these unique colors and create perfect color combinations for painting walls, trim, and endless palettes based on a single color. Even better, Color Grab is completely free and very intuitive for users.

Color Grab is free and available for Android phones and desktops only.

Palettes by Rick Maddy

guest bedroom in poinsettia color scheme

palettes is a prefect way to select colors for the master bedroom paint by using this ios app

Palettes is a powerful app that helps web designers, professional painters, and even wardrobe designers create and maintain color palettes anywhere at any time. The app blends and mixes complicated color palettes to create just the right shade for your painting and decorating projects. The app allows users to even grab colors from a photograph, a website, or one of five pre-created color models. There is no limit to the number of palettes that can be created.

Palettes is a single universal application that works on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. NOTE: this application runs at one of three levels: Free, Basic, and Pro. The initial free version runs at the Pro level for a limited time allowing you to fully test the application. It will then revert back to the Free level. Use the included in-application purchasing to upgrade to either the Basic or Pro level at any time.

Palettes is one of those home improvement tools you shouldn’t go without when decorating your home or simply refreshing your bedroom walls so they work with your bedding and furniture.

Paint Tester by Luminant Software

guest bedroom paint in teal color scheme

Paint Tester is a fun and useful app that allows users to create real life painting schemes from any room photo you take. Once the photo is uploaded, users can try out hundreds of different color schemes, palettes, and patterns. Paint Tester allows users to view the results without all of the pain of painting and repainting! If there is an object that contains a specific color you want to use for your painting project, just take a photo of the object, and the app will create a digital copy of the color in a snap. Using a variety of tools, Paint Tester can even apply these custom colors to any photo you upload, making it easy to change the wall color in a matter of seconds!

The app is available for iOS and Android and costs $2.29 to download.

Don’t forget to watch tutorial videos on YouTube for these tools so you can get the most out of the experience. It’s pretty amazing how apps can help you select great schemes for your bedroom paint colors. Mix and match colors so they look great with your flooring, bedding, and furniture. Try one out and amaze yourself with the results!


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