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Black and White Trim Molding


Crown and Base Moldings in Black or White

If you’re looking for ways to add a dose of elegance and sophistication to your home, paint for trim moldings is a great option.  In true classic style, we’d suggest classic colors like black and white to create stark contrasts to your home’s existing décor.  These two colors make bold statements whether on their own or paired together, and they are also practical and cost-effective.

carpentry work with black trim moldings and white wallsVisually speaking, black often feels heavy but is associated with strength and power, but is also mysterious and striking.  White is typically associated with feelings of openness, peace and new beginnings.  Together this combination speaks volumes, however, own their own they are both visually powerful and continue to remain dynamic color options throughout the ages.

For this modern look, we’ll review some options in both color combinations to give you some ideas on how sprucing up moldings, window sills and bases with these colors will help enhance your home’s décor.

Bold Black for a Modern Bathroom

black window sills and black cabinets in a white bathroom

The framing of this window in bold black adds sophistication for this minimalist bathroom adding just the perfect touch to showcase the picturesque greenery beyond the glass.   The room’s contrasting elements of light and darkness are further accented by warm LED lighting framing the sink and bold, dark built-in cabinetry.  Easily accomplish this look in by using black paint to frame your large open windows and window sills.

Can’t Go Wrong with Classic White Crown

White crown molding is seen in this white kitchen that stops a foot from the ceiling so the crown is visable

Perhaps you’re searching for something a bit more traditional for your classically styled kitchen.  The white molding of this elegant space perfectly complements the mix of granite, brick and wood, creating a kitchen that ultimately feels warm and inviting.  The painted white molding interestingly offsets the off white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.  Natural light from the open window, also framed with white paint, can bring a fresh glow to the space to finish your new kitchen.

White and Black and Blue All Over

home office with black crown on the upper cabinets while the room is trimmed with white crown

The white crown molding of this room adds to the spirit of adventure of this bold color combination.  The bright blue accents in the built-in cabinets and desk adds a dynamic flare to this sleek modern space.  The aluminum accents, black stained wood frame of the cabinets and black crown on the cabinets are the ideal combination for this office at home.    Painting your baseboards and crown white to complement the wall and add contrast to the built-in office cabinetry keeps this room flowing with continuity and adds a classic touch to finish the look. The statement ceiling further ties the black and white together, and emphasizes the unity of the contrasting colors.

As you can see, there are many suitable combinations for utilizing black and white paint to finish the look and feel of nearly any room in your home.  From kitchens, to foyers and bathrooms, adding black or white paint to your rooms’ finishes and embellishments is simple and easy.

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