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Colorful Doors Make An Entrance


Exterior and Interior Doors in Every Shade of Color Are the Rage

There’s a new trend on the rise, and we want to be the first to share it with you.  But first, let’s talk about how to make a great entrance.  See, a great entrance is bold.  It’s grand!  It’s luxe.  It’s exciting.  A great entrance says to the world – “I’ve arrived!”

If you’re looking to make a bold statement during your entrance, start with your actual entryway: your own door!  selections of 15 colorful front doors show the range and options of colored paint.Long gone are the days when every door in your home had to have the same eggshell color tone and basic texture.  Doors have long been an oft-forgotten element of design – save for elaborate door handles and embellishments.  Now it’s all about color!

Taking cues from Post-Modern style, adding bold color to the doors in your home helps make your entryways a delight and lends an air of mystery as to what’s actually behind that bright, bold door.

6 Paint Color Tips That Make Your Doors Stand Out

  1. Remember, each door in your home is essentially an extension of the room with its own personality. Allow your door to reflect the personality of the room upon entry, or perhaps let it stand out from its interior design aesthetic.
  2. Don’t be shy – allow that personality to shine with bright, bold colors that surprise and wow! Reds, greens and blues are quite popular color options.
  3. Don’t be afraid to close the door. This might not be popular opinion, but with doors this exciting, we’re almost inclined to keep these shut to show off the delightful color contrast!  But even open, these radiant doors add a fun splash of color that will really make each room pop!
  4. Take it outside! Colorful doors aren’t just for “making an entrance” inside your home.  Why not allow the world to see more of your home’s distinct personality by adding color to your front door as well? The colorful doors trend is truly emerging for front and back doors!
  5. Add flavor for the kids! Ready to make the kids’ rooms extra special?  A delightful blue or cute pink color will let everyone know exactly where the fun and toys reside.  Utilizing color for the doors will help modernize and enhance the look and feel of any child’s play area.
  6. Go dark! There’s nothing better than a stark color contrast, and we love a clean white room with dark accents, including the door!

As you can see, there are truly plenty of ways to make a great entrance – inside and outside the home. Let your doors speak for themselves by adding great color today.

What another idea for your project? Consider painted statement ceilings for your home.


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