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How To Choose The Perfect Painter


There are so many people out there that will offer to paint your house. Not all painters are created equal. To pick the perfect painter you have to do your due diligence. It is in your best interest to not pick “Chuck in A Truck” with a paintbrush but to pick someone who will stand behind their work, use the right tools, buy good quality paint and do good work.


Here are things to look for:

  • Proper Licenses – In many states, painters have to be properly licensed to do the work and must list their license on all of their ads, paperwork and business cards. Unfortunately, some painters will list an expired or fake license number. Verify their license is active and up to date. For painters in California, go to and enter the license number.
  • Background Checks – Since you are having work in your home, you need to know the people that will be working for you. Make sure that each person has been background checked so you are in safe and capable hands.
  • Employees – Many painters will hire people only when needed. This means that there may be no consistency on their work. This is especially concerning for exterior projects or large jobs. The best companies have full-time employees that only work for them. This way they can assure you that the work will be done to their standards.
  • Workers Comp Insurance – If you use a company, verify that they have workers comp insurance. If it is an individual painting your home or if the company does not have the proper insurance, that means if one of the people gets hurt on your property, you are responsible. They can make a claim on your homeowners’ insurance.
  • Detailed Quote/Scope Of Work – Having someone say they will “paint your house” or “paint a room” is too vague. You should be presented with a detailed scope of work of what they will actually be doing so there is no question what is covered. That way there will be no “surprise charges” part way through the project.
  • Help Choosing Color – The best painters are ones that are willing to give guidance in picking colors. When people have experience painting they know that colors will look good together and can advise you before you make a mistake that can cost more time and money. They also should be willing to paint up to three swatches on a wall so you can see what the color would look like when it is bigger than a small paint chip.
  • References – Painters should have work you can see (drive by a home that they did the exterior painting) or clients they can call so you can ask how they performed on the job. You also can look at their reviews online. Google is the best search engine followed by Better Business Bureau and Yelp.
  • Someone You Trust And Like – Probably the most important aspect of selecting the right painter is someone you intuitively trust. This is someone who will be working in your home. If you believe they will show up when they promise and do good work, go with your instinct. They should be someone that you feel comfortable recommending to people you know.
  • Professional – The best painters are good communicators. They have knowledge and walk the project and take measurements. They point out any areas of concerns and do not try to paint over problems (such as rotted wood or large cracks). They explain how they are going to approach the project and what you should expect from beginning to end.


All of these points are important when you are looking for the right painter for you. You may pay more than if you hire a guy in a truck, but in the long run you will win because the work will be better and last longer. Also, your home will look better and you will be a happy client that is willing to refer them to others you know.

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