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How To Make Your Exterior Paint Last Longer

Material for exterior home painting

7 Steps To Make Exterior Paint Last Longer


Painting the exterior of your home can be a large expense and needs to be done regularly. We are continually asked what can be done to extend the life of paint so it does not have to be done so often. The two most harmful things for paint are sun and moisture. While you cannot do much about the sun, there are things you can do for water and preventative maintenance to extend the life of your paint.

Painter painting a surface

  1. Hire good painters at the beginning. Not all painters are created equal nor do they do good work. Painters that actually have a good reputation, proper licensing and have good painting practices are the ones to select. You may pay a little more but your paint can last years longer.
  2. Have the painter do a complete primer coat on the exterior first. This will adhere the paint to your home. Avoid using painters that are too quick on the job because they are not doing a primer and a paint coat separately.
  3. The real difference in the longevity of paint is in the preparation of the home. The home should be pressure washed and allow to dry a whole day before being painted. All loose paint will be removed in this process and all surfaces should be inspected for cracks and rotted or decaying wood. Proper repairs of wood, stucco and other surfaces are an important part of the process.
  4. Water will wear down paint over time. Remove any exposure to continual water such as sprinklers. Adjust sprinklers so they are not hitting any painted surfaces of your house, gates or fence.
  5. Choose a good color that does not fade. Talk with your painter about the colors to avoid as some colors fade faster and look older sooner than others.
  6. Inspect your home at least once a year paying special attention to the south side of the home that gets the most sun exposure or surfaces in continual shade. All horizontal surfaces such as wood railings will be the first to need attention and may have to be touched up more often.
  7. Have your home power washed by a painting company once a year. A good, reputable company will do an assessment and point out any areas that may need attention.

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