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How Wall Color Affects Mood


The color of paint you choose for the walls of any room will have an effect on your mood. There is a lot of study on the psychology of color. There is no color that is “bad”, but by understanding the purpose for the room, it may help lead you in the right direction when choosing color.

Cool Colors: Green, Blue, Violet/Purple

Cool colors tend to invite a sense of calm and rooms painted in this color have a relaxing feeling. They will make the room feel larger and more serene. Think of a spa and you will get the mood these colors provide.

  • Green – Good for common living areas or offices – Green is a calming color that provides a feeling of serenity. Since it is the color most commonly found in nature, it is easy on the eyes and increases productivity and concentration which makes it good for an office. Many people choose this shade especially if they have small children to help bring a sense of calm.
  • Blue – Good for bedrooms – Another gentle color, blue is good for lowering blood pressure and anxiety and promotes sleep which makes it ideal for bedrooms. Always turn off anything with bright blue lights such as tv, phones or electronics as that color stimulates the brain and will overpower the effect of the hue of the walls.
  • Violet/Purple – Good for accents – Purple is most associated with royalty and is best used as an accent color. The amount of red or blue undertones varies greatly so selecting the best hue or matching to others can prove to be challenging. Purple or violet accents are very attractive and memorable.mustard wall in bedroom

Warm Colors:  Red, Yellow, Orange

Warm colors are exciting and dynamic. Rooms with warm walls tend to feel cozy and inviting. The feeling is like being enveloped in a warm blanket.

  • Red – Good for common living areas such as dining rooms, studies or libraries – Red is a rich color that stimulates heart rate, ignites passion and promotes action. People tend to be more talkative and have the brain stimulated when in a red room. The best use is in a room with conversation or reading. Be aware of how yellow or blue undertones can greatly change the shade of red.
  • Yellow – Good for kitchens and accents – Yellow is a color that evokes happiness and is akin to sunshine. Most people feel positive when in a yellow room and it stimulates heart rate. It is better in small amounts because too much yellow can strain the eyes. Using it as an accent or in a kitchen (where the majority of walls are covered by cabinets) is the best application.
  • Orange – Good for accents – Orange, like yellow, is a color found in sunrises or sunsets. It is best used as an accent in a room such as pillows on a couch, a vase or single chair. When used with other colors, it can become the focal point by being a “pop of color”.neutral color bedroom with green and pink accents

Neutral Colors: White, Cream, Gray

Neutral Colors are used when you want the walls to fade to the background. This will allow the furniture or artwork to stand out. These colors are considered base colors and do not usually have an effect on mood. They are all very “clean” looks that can make any room feel big. There are hundreds of shades in these hues. Be cautious of the undertone in the color.

Generally speaking white, cream and gray are considered base colors and are not generally used as the only color in a room with walls, furniture and artwork being the same. However, when used on walls, the other colors in the room with be more prominent.

Which color is best for you? For most people this may prove to be a challenging decision. First determine the mood you want to set for the room and if need be, ask an expert in color to help. You will find that the color you select will feel different and have an effect on the people who spend time in the room.

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