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Interior House Paint Colors For Florida In 2019


Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home’s interior or add a little spice to enhance the value of your home, adding color is the perfect solution to satisfy your needs. The hue of a room should complement not only the house itself, but the surrounding locale, and with traditionally year-round warmth here in the state of Florida, as well as the tropical vibes, your color palette selection is truly vast and vibrant.

The state of Florida is known as the sunshine state, and with warmer weather typically at our fingertips, we have quite the advantage and opportunity for creating a living space that truly reflects the lively, animated character of our state. Let’s face it, everyone wants to vacation here, but we get to live in a modern day utopia. Why not turn your home into a sultry wonderland featuring a thrilling color palette that will revive your home’s ambiance and stimulate your senses?

When it comes to home decor and design, few things can set the mood of a room more than its hue. We understand that selecting the perfect paint color can be anxiety-inducing. From compiling color swatches to painting test strips, getting the ideal paint color down is an art form. The good news? Paint isn’t permanent, and mixing it up can be a great way to transform a room without a lot of effort. But perhaps you’re on the fence about which colors to choose and what’s popular on the market in this particular region of the country. Well, we’ve got some great selections from which to choose.

L. Pierre Ferrell of Designs By Pierre, well known for his work in the event planning and design space says, “It might come an as a little surprise to you that the prevailing decorating trends for 2019 reflect our collective love for the great outdoors—Mother Nature, 2019 is turning out to be your year.” Designing and planning for the likes of Magic Johnson, Ferrell is an expert at color design and lighting. “From earthy tones to neutral, grounding hues, design experts predict that the natural world around us will largely inspire this year’s living room paint palettes.”

If you’re looking to spice up your home here in the sunshine state, here are some color palettes that are sure to bring your home’s interior to life this year.

coral and white walls in florida

Colorful, Yet Cozy Coral

One of the most popular color choices here in Florida and the rest of the country for that matter is Pantone’s Color of the year, Coral.  Vibrant, yet mellow, coral provides a sense of warmth and nourishment to give a splash of color and comfort for your home.  This life-affirming color is not for the faint of heart, as it does evoke a sense of passion and whimsy.  Looking to add only a splash of this illustrious hue?  Try utilizing the color on an accent wall to give your room a slight buzz of excitement!  We recommend Sherwin-Williams for your coral-color selections since they have a wide variety and the quality of paint is exceptional.

misty blue interior painted room

Misty Blues

’90s, misty blues provide just the right blend for the traditionalist with a casual approach to interior design.  Color combinations in charcoal blue, ice blue, and gray-blue are terrific selections when searching for paint colors that are far from mundane yet subtle enough to not take over a room.  You just can’t go wrong with this color palette.  And Ferrell agrees, “With an endless amount of alternative blue paint color ideas available, there’s no limit to the number of routes you can go with this exacting tone. Just be sure that any blue home interior colors you go for remain soothing and spare to avoid a heavy-handed hue that will make a room feel smaller, darker, and stuck in an 80’s nautical time warp.”  We recommend variations of the misty hue in Blue Plate, Liquid Blue, and Blue Mosque.

hunter green interior

Earthy Greens

Another one of Pantone’s top colors of the year is this rich shade of green; the hue is essentially a new take on rich green, called Dard Hunter Green, that hasn’t looked so viable since its last time in the interior design spotlight in the 90’s.  The color combination is understated yet masculine and moody.  This deep green color trend can work to emulate the feeling of the lush botanicals that Florida is known for and the healing power of nature in your home.  The color palette also sets a firm, solid foundation for your home, while offsetting the deliciously bright sunlight of a hot summer day or a balmy, sultry night.

useful grey interior paint

Masculine and Metro Gray

Perhaps, you’re in search of something calmer, and a bit more conservative and traditional.  If so, then you’re in luck.  Another one of our favorite color trends for this year is a sophisticated gray-white mix that can provide a dose of subtlety with foundational accents.  Something is soothing about this color palette that almost feels like an escape, with a surprising amount of depth and coolness.  Ferrell suggests, “This is the perfect combination to accent your dark or reddish wood floors and cabinets. You can even use it in a few accents and decorations to prove there’s more than one way to do grayscale.” We recommend a mix of Useful Gray and Serious Gray.

soothing clay interior paintSoothing Clay

A softer variation of the coral family, soothing clay evokes the spirit of Miami with zesty hues, that are warm and passionate.   For those with wanderlust and an earthy spirit, variations of these colors are great alternatives to beiges and browns as they’ll lend any room a certain sunny zest and casual elegance.  Ferrell adds, “Think terra cotta, caramel, clove, and burnt orange home interior colors that have more personality than any neutral ever could.” We’d suggest clay paint colors in Baked Clay, Subdued Sienna, and Husky Orange.

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