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It’s All About The Paint

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The Right Paint For the Job

There are many “painters” out there that will use any quality of paint so they can lower the price or tell you “it doesn’t matter because it’ s just paint”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Paints are made up of different ingredients and the better they are, the better the paint. Extenders can be added to paint but produce no value. Liquids can make paint thinner which adds volume but no benefit. In fact, it can make the paint less effective.


Higher quality paints apply more easily, look better and last longer. They also perform better and produce better results. High-quality interior paints are better at:

  • Smoother Look – easier to apply and give a consistent appearance without showing brush or roller marks
  • Coverage – hide the previous color better so there is no “see-through” to what you had before
  • Resistance To Dirt – it will require less maintenance
  • Being Scrubbed – stand up to repeated washings
  • Less Burnishing – less ‘shiny” marks from rubbing or cleaning


You need good paint on exteriors to protect against corrosion, degradation and water penetration. High-quality exterior paints are better at:

  • Color Retention – generally the color will last twice as long as inferior paints due to not being “watered down”
  • Dirt and Mildew Resistance – does not pick up and hold airborne impurities and greatly reduces the chance of mildew
  • Lasting Longer – the better adhesion not only makes it look better but it reduces blistering, flaking and peeling
  • Coverage – the thickness of the paint requires fewer coats which saves on materials and labor and provides better coverage
  • Withstanding Wear and Tear – holds up to environmental elements and cleaning


There is a saying, “You get what you pay for.” Paints of lower quality do not perform as well and can cost you a lot more money down the road because you may have to paint more often. The amount of touch-ups is also reduced with better paint. Your home looks much better and does not have the “dirty” look after a year or two due to better coverage.

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