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Paint Colors For the Right Space



7 Paint Schemes For Tiny Spaces

Many people get nervous when picking paint for tiny spaces. Whether it is a tiny home, a micro-space or just a tiny room, many people think you always have to pick a light color to make it feel more open. Actually you can pick dark or light shades for the walls. The right color can create the right result.

charcoal colored doors

1. Chic Look

Try a dark, bold gray with a charcoal hue. It is modern and looks good if you have light fabrics on the furniture.

2. Moody Blues

The smaller the room the darker you can go because a dark color reflects less light and gives the room depth. A dark navy is bold and rich.

3. New Neutral

Many people like neutral colors to show off the furniture or artwork in a room and fade into the background. Instead pick a darker, bolder beige with a blue undertone to provide more depth. It will feel inviting and homey.

walls being painted red4. Warm And Cozy

Pick an off-white with warm red undertones. It is perfect for a small room but adds personality. It will appear darker in a small room especially if there is very little light.

5. A Rose Is Just A Rose

Choosing a subtle shade of muted rose is both an approachable color and one that will be flattering to pictures and artwork.

6. Go Bold Or Go Home

A deep ruby red will really make a statement and be good for warm shades of fabric and deep rich wood furniture or as a contrast to start white. Nothing says confidence like red.

7. Pacifying Pastel

Want to create a beachy feel to an otherwise neutral room? Choose a dusky blue to add a color without going to an extreme.


Small rooms deserve just as much attention as large spaces, and, in fact, can pull off bold colors. The good thing about paint especially in small rooms is that you and try it out and change it after a bit of time. The best thing to do when you paint a new color is to have a “honeymoon phase” where you live with it for 3-4 weeks before making any changes. Most of the time the new color will grow on you and you will love it.

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