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Five Excellent Online House Paint Color Generator Tools

Web-based solutions have penetrated just about every component of our lives. From banking to dating, there is virtually no limit to the things we can accomplish with online tools and applications (apps).  So, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise to learn that online color generators are becoming one of the most popular apps within the interior design community. Online color generator apps can help professional and amateur interior designers alike create color palettes and color themes when painting any room of the home.

Believe it or not, most of the online color generator applications were originally created by web designers who needed to create color themes for their web pages. But it didn’t take long before interior decorators also began to see the value of these easy-to-use yet powerful online tools for their design work as well.

What Is a Color Generator?

using iphone to take a picture of kitchen for color generator toolColor generating applications allow you to upload a photo or rendering, and then be able to digitally add specific colors to the image with a click of a button. Thinking about adding a little violet or indigo to your living room? No problem, just find a color generator, explore the colors you like, and the color generator will add the color within the digital image for you to get pretty good visual idea of how it will look. When it comes to exploring and selecting colors, color generating technology has changed the game for anyone with an interest in navigating color palettes quickly! Not only are color generators fun, they also help designers save time and money by allowing people to explore hundreds of color combinations within a very short period of time.

Five Best Online House Paint Color Generator Tools:

color options on image for kitchen paint1.  ColorSnap

Sherwin-Williams developed this great site that allows you to actually build a color palette for any photo you upload. Also, if you upload a photo, this site can even pull a color palette from the photo you select, and list all coordinating Sherwin-Williams paint colors from which to choose.

2. Visualize Color

Glidden Paint also came out with their own user-friendly color generator site. Similar to ColorSnap, this site allows you to upload a custom photo and select room colors from Glidden’s library of paint colors. By touching the digitized photo with your cursor, Visualize Color allows you to change the color of the photograph to any color you want. Another great aspect of this color tool is that it can also match specific colors from your uploaded photograph to help you find the color ranges within the Glidden library. Don’t want to upload a photo? No problem. Visualize Color has an entire library of room photos that you can experiment with.

3. COLOURlovers

COLOURlovers Photocopa is an amazing design tool for creating color palettes and patterns. Because it is organized more like a portal, it boasts a huge online community for design lovers around the world. The beauty of this community is that it’s a great place to explore color and get the inside scoop on the latest color and design trends. Using the site’s “Tools” tab at the top right of the page, you can discover existing color palettes that others have created or create your own color palette by using COLOURlovers color wheel.

4. Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer 

Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer is a powerful and flexible online way to accomplish a number of painting tasks. For example, if you’re looking for a general direction to take with regards to color, the site will help you funnel your options down until you find the perfect color. Don’t have a direction but have an inspired idea based on a theme? This is a great place to review relevant themes like color trends, historical colors, Benjamin Moore classic colors, etc. Finally, the site allows you to select from photos of specific rooms and add any Benjamin Moore color.

5. Behr ColorSmart 

The Behr Colorsmart studio is a robust color generator that includes a wide variety of tools for the professional designer or amateur painter. The ColorSmart studio includes a whole host of inspired design gallery ideas for you to get your creative juices flowing. Scroll down a little further, and you can explore the most popular colors of the year or season to help you coordinate your color choices and visualize your selections. Finally, the Behr color generator allows you to upload a photo of your own or use one from their library of photos. From there, you can add specific colors or try various palettes from the Behr family of paints.two color variations of the living roomRegardless of what online color generator paint tool you use, you will be surprised how fun it is to generate a total palette without mixing any paint. Create as many options as you like. Sleep on your choices before making final selections. Don’t forget to include the trim moldings, door, and ceiling. Try color combinations out of your normal comfort zone. Sometimes they surprise you and turn out to be the one!

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