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Painted Statement Ceilings


Statement Ceilings: No Longer Just for Your Light Fixture!

Now considered a gem in the making your ceiling is a dynamic focal point for most every room in the home.

Sure, there are plenty of ways to add new focal points to your home, and you’ve probably already experimented with a few of them – from accent walls, to adding textures, tones and tiles as well as including decorative artwork and statement pieces.  You’ve probably been searching for new ways outside of the realm of tradition, and we’re here to tell you that it’s time start breaking the rules. But how?

What if we suggested that you’ll want to look up for the answers?  Yes, we’re going to look up, beyond just antique light fixtures, chandeliers and skylights – we’re looking towards the ceiling itself!  Long statement ceiling with wallpaper in a closetforgotten as the unused cap on rooms in homes, modern designs are now trending towards treating the ceiling as additional wall space.

Let’s take a look at some great examples…

The wallpaper in this traditional study takes center stage not only because it perfectly melts into the back of the built-in office adding a touch of color and pattern in this predominantly painted blue room with matching blue desk, but because it is also extended into the ceiling!  Patterned or textured wallpaper provides the perfect accent to most any décor.

This walk-in closet is another fine example of the use of wallpaper as a statement ceiling while it wraps down the back wall and behind the custom closet units acting as the back of the system. Although this closet has an updated modern style with the photo-realistic wallpaper and minimalistic white cabinetry, it’s also reminiscent of old Hollywood.

You don’t have to make a bold statement with large floral or paisley patterns as these two spaces illustrate to use wallpaper for the creation of your ceiling focal point. Popular options can be wallpapers that you have painted in a contrasting or matching color to your walls. Paintable wallpapers fall into the popular texture trend and look incredible when properly done.

artwork on ceiling makes a statement in yellow and abstract designed rhinoBright and bold designs adorn this stylishly modern bathroom with an abstract ink rhino painting on the ceiling.  Wow guests with eccentric artwork that reflects your personal aesthetic and add color like the yellow tones in the ceiling and walls.  This bathroom throws out all the usual design rules by adding much of the interest in the ceiling and keeping the actual bathroom simple and clean, allowing the lines and symmetry to add pops of color and extra excitement.

Ceilings have long remained underutilized even in them most design-heavy homes.  Now, homeowners are looking up for inspiration and thinking differently about the function and styles of ceilings.  Out-of-the-box home design and color choices are some of the hottest décor trends for home owners today – and we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities.

50 Shades of Grey isn’t just a popular movie and book, it’s also a popular paint trend. Consider a shade of grey for a room in your own house painting project.


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