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Picking Interior Paint Color


Tips For Picking The Right Paint Color For Interiors


When picking a color of paint, it is best to look at the room as a whole. The color of the furniture, floor covering and artwork can be the guide or what colors will enhance the room. The color of the walls in a room can create an ambiance that is calming or more dramatic. It depends on what you want for what color is the best choice. The following are some guidelines used by many interior designers when it comes to choosing color schemes.


Pick A Focal Piece – Choose a large item in the room that you like and look at all of the colors in the item. This could be a rug, a piece of furniture or artwork. Select colors you like and create a palette. If you want to paint the walls neutral, look for the lighter shades in the piece. Remember there are hundreds of shades of white. You do not want it to clash.


Get Lighter As You Go Up – A good rule of thumb is to make each space mimic nature. Generally darker colors are on the ground rising up to the lightest colors in the sky. Have the floor be the darkest color, the walls a middle-range color and the ceiling the lightest color. This is a sure-fire way to make any interior room look good.

caviar colored painted livingroom

Decide On Drama Or Serenity – Drama can be created by choosing opposing colors on the color wheel and having deeper shades on an accent wall or covering the entire room. Think of a dining room with deep red walls or a living room with purple and orange. For a more serene feeling choose analogous colors (two colors next to each other on the color wheel) or light earth-tone colors on the walls.

Show Off Color – You can make color pop by adding one of the two great equalizers in any room. Most people think that white makes color stand out, but so does black. Black clarifies the rest of the room. The suggestion is not to paint walls black but to have something such as some lower cabinets, a piece of furniture, picture frames or a black vase to add balance and give more meaning to the other colors.

entry way with a gray paint job

Gray Is The New White – Gray is very trendy right now because it works in any style. It can appear to have a warm or cool tone and look good with many other colors that are pastels or bold.

Stick To The Tried And True Rule Of Color – There is a golden rule used in interior decorating. Make 60% of the room one color, 30% another color and 10% a third color. An example would be painting your walls one color, having the sofa be another color and adding a chair in a third color.


Many people struggle to pick the right paint for their room. If you are in this group, don’t worry. You are not alone. That is why many people get advice from a professional. Whether it is an interior designer or you get a color consultation from an expert, this can give you peace of mind. The key is to determine the mood you want to set or the feeling you want to have when someone walks into the space.

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