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Sherwin-Williams 2019 Paint Color Trends


Paint Hues Inspired From Around the World

The New Year is a time for looking forward, and preparing for new challenges, adventures, and accomplishments. However, it is also a time when designers and artists identify what colors, textures, and materials will be popular for homeowners who want to keep their houses on the cutting edge. Recently, a group of color experts from Sherwin-Williams scoured the globe for the most influential color trends and hue patterns from around the world in order to help guide homeowners what will be the hottest colors to include in their homes this year.

However, what makes this year’s color forecast especially interesting, is that the color experts not only identified 42 colors that will be extremely popular throughout 2019, they also grouped these colors into six different palettes or “color journals” to help better guide homeowners on their color choices throughout the year. This year’s color journals include: Shapeshifter, Wanderer, Aficionado, Enthusiast, Naturalist and Raconteur. According to the firm’s color experts, these colors will be key for 2019 color themes and design trends.

Wanderer color variationWanderer Paint Color Combination

Understanding the 2019 Color Palettes

To better understand how these palettes were organized, Sherwin-Williams developed color journals that represent personalities; they identified colors used by free-spirited wanders and old-world story tellers from every corner of the globe. The result is an organic palette that can be adapted to any home in the United States.

To better understand the nuances and subtleties within these color journals, Painting Masters has broken down the six different color personalities for 2019:


The Shapeshifter palette identifies with those who are a little ahead of their time. Both visionary and creative, this palette includes mauves, purples, mustards, a variety of ocean and sky blues, and deep dark greys. The Shapeshifter palette taps into the cosmos and the earth, the deep sea and galaxy for inspiration. Sherwin-Williams pinpoints this palette as the unique color space between technology and spirituality, and believes it is best used in conjunction with strong geometrics and clean lines.


The Wanderer palette represents the person who never wants to be fenced in, and who needs to soak in the endless horizons. These colors are subtle earthy tones that include warm browns, caramels, adobe reds, and deep blues. This collection of colors represents sun-washed brick, warm and dark browns of the high plains, caramel colored canyons, worn brown leather and dark blues that are often woven into wool blankets of the true New West. According to Sherwin-Williams, this palette is one part cowboy and one part Scandinavian that when combined produces a luxurious color theme.


The Aficionado palette represents the colors found in a library with bookcases full of leather-bound literary classics. With coppers, golds, merlots and grays, this color combination conjures up nostalgia and timeless traditions. It represents the qualities of an aficionado: tasteful, elegant and classic. It is not a flashy or fake palette, but rather combines taste and charm.


The Enthusiast palette represents those who go against the grain, break the rules, and who more free-spirited than the status quo. This palette includes vivid blues, greens, and reds, and reeks attitude while harmoniously complimenting each other. Sherwin-Williams defines this collection of colors as a fresh take on “maximalism”, where colors can push the boundaries and be fun.


Sherwin-Williams Naturalist color palette represents those nature lovers who connect with the wonders of a world in Spring and in full bloom. This collection uses lush and sophisticated tones that seem to evoke a rainforest or morning meadow. The colors range from mushroom to passionate pink, but still focuses on botanical greens, soft yellows. Imagine a French countryside or a Native American landscape. These colors places where colors are soft, but never fade.


The Raconteur color collection is about connecting ancient stories with today’s video-conferencing webcasts; passed-on traditions with unknown galaxies. It is a color palette that spans time and is geographically limitless, using colors from Africa to the New World. These colors include rich reds, muted mauves, subtle beige’s, and rosy taupe’s. It is a color journal that tracks the human journey throughout history; it is a great palette for connecting people.

Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color Personalities Matrix







Elation SW 6827


Baked Cookie SW 9098


Dry Dock SW 7502


Oceanside SW 6496


Shiitake SW 9173


Chelsea Mauve SW 0002


Nugget SW6697


Moth Wing SW 9174


Alaea SW 7579


Porpoise SW 7047


Delightful SW 6289


Porcelain SW 0053


Celestial SW 6808


Dark Clove SW 9183


Merlot SW 2704


Gold Crest SW 6670


Felted Wool SW 9171


Dhurrie Beige SW 7524


Endless Sea SW9150


Caramelized SW 9186


Ancestral Gold SW 6407


Positive Red SW 6871


Dard Hunter Green SW 0041


Poised Taupe SW 6039


Blue Sky SW 0063


Cavern Clay SW 7701


Grandiose SW 6404


Argyle SW 6747


Primavera SW 9031


Rustic Red SW 7593


Extra White SW 7006


Distance SW 6243


Wheat Penny SW 7705


Majestic Purple SW 6545


Misty SW 6232


Orchid SW 0071


Dark Night SW 6237


Origami White SW 7636


Charcoal Blue SW 2739


Nebulous White SW 7063


Eros Pink SW 6860


Black Bean SW 6006


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