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Sherwin-Williams Announces 2019 Color Collections for Specific Environments


2019 Color Collections From Sherwin-Williams

Paint and color palettes can make a huge impact on any environment from residential and commercial to multifamily. After all, colors infuse energy, attitude, and purpose while also creating motivation and inspiration. That’s why Sherwin-Williams created its 2019 color palettes for market-specific locations in order to help professional painters create a palette that is compatible with specific spaces and unique environments. Specifically, Sherwin-Williams created a series of color combinations for the following three environments: New Residential, Commercial, and Multifamily.

radiance color scheme on outside homeRadiance on the outside of a home.

New Residential

Typically, the interior walls of new residential construction are painted neutral colors like white, off-white, or even a light coffee. However, Sherwin-Williams has taken the residential environment and combined hues that are both earthy and cosmic. These colors help new residential environments make a personal statement through color. For example, the Cosmic Radiance palette evokes a sense of mystery and visions of outer space. The colors from this palette include plum browns and soft roses along with teal, aqua blue and steel gray. The Sophisticated Floral palette infuses deep pure florals with bright pops of color to create a feeling of walking through a lush garden. The colors in this palette include deep blues, hunter greens, basic, avocado, and coral. Another palette for new residential environments include Rustic Comfort that combines the earthy tones, denim, terracotta and sky blues that create the image of openness and adventure. Finally, Nostalgic Bright’s provide the bold and vibrant hues of purple, deep red, lemon, and orange to make a real statement. These bright pops of color are contrasted mellow neutrals that inspire the feelings of peace and nostalgia.

sweet retreat sherwin williams cokor 2019Sweet Retreat found in nature.


These days, many people spend more time in commercial environments than their personal residential environments. With so much time spent in the commercial space, Sherwin-Williams sought to update the classic commercial color palette to inspire motivation. Starting with Sweet Retreat, this color palette creates a warm, and “homey” environment to the commercial space. These colors include fun twists like papaya, violet, salmon and aloe Vera colors to make the office feel like home and work more playful. Another popular palette for professional painters wishing to capture a more “tech” feel for commercial environments, is Sherwin-Williams’ Power Play palette that is filled with daring colors that generate a futuristic energy and help transform any space into a gallery or art display vibe. These colors include deep pinks, rich blue, bright yellows, and jet blacks. Finally, the Natural Ground palette is simple and rural in feel, bringing out the earthy tones of clay, wool, terracotta, and olive. These colors are rich and complex, designed to bring comfort into any office by pairing seamlessly with wood, stone and brick.

sherwin-williams radiance has cosmic feelMulti-family

Multifamily environments invariably include common areas, condensed population, and a feeling of isolation in the middle of a crowd. That’s why Sherwin-Williams came up with several Multifamily palettes that try to bring the outside indoors, and create a feeling of welcome. Outdoor Reflection for example, infuses the colors copper, silver, and Shiitake mushroom to invoke the image of a beautiful landscape, and feeling of serenity. Another popular palette for the multifamily environment includes Modern Vintage (on the left) which is an eclectic mix of new and vintage- hues. For example, rustic reds, plums, and thin, misty grays help provide a warm welcome to both past and present. Finally for the more millennium-inhabited multifamily environment, Sherwin-Williams created the New Energy palette that appeals to the free thinking, social media savvy crowd. These colors include deep pinks, pumpkin oranges, soft yellows, and merlots that create energy and inspiration in any room of the house.

Next time you are searching for the perfect painting palette combination for either new residential, commercial, or multifamily environments, Painting Masters encourages you to explore one or several of these cutting-edge color collections from Sherwin-Williams.

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