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Showcase Your Showcase Walls


Decorate with Showcase Walls

A great way to create a splash for any room in your home is to add elements of surprise and swanky appeal that truly showcase your walls.  The walls in your home have personalities all their own, and it’s truly up to you to allow them to shine, so we’d like to help you along with the creative process.

Tip #1: Utilize unexpected fabrics and upholstery.

this mod room comes fabric wall and other textures in a hollywood regency style

We know this look isn’t for everyone, but you’re in love with this photo, we have just the solution for you.  Upholstered wall panels are commonly used as headboard replacements in many bedrooms, but that’s obviously not the only use for them.  Here, the homeowners have gone the extra mile with this look to create statement walls, rather than one single one, completely transforming the look and feel of this living space.  Use of upholstery is great for home theaters, guest bedrooms, exotic entertainment spaces, and more.

Tip #2: Mix it up!

This living room spilts the wall down the center creating a textured statement wall in blue tones

Here’s a fun tip!  Take half the room and split it down the middle.  While this might sound non-traditional, it can really modernize what may typically have been a very expected look.  By breaking up the texture of the room, you’ll add interest and excitement to any space.  Adding wood paneling can be a very simple, budget-friendly solution to add appeal, and the beauty of this option is the paneling can be painted in complementary colors to enhance the décor of your home.  You can also order samples to try out the look before you commit to a final design.

Here the wall paneling is a complete contrast to the hardwood floors, and that’s ok.  In fact, it adds excitement. Don’t be afraid to mix up the patterns and textures of the entire room.  And let’s face it, wood paneling on any wall creates a cozy environment.  Try this look for your living room, dining space or entertainment room.

Tip #3: Chalk it up!

add a statement wall in chalk board with designs.

Oftentimes, very little attention is given to the walls in home offices, kid rooms, and laundry spaces, and it is certainly time to change that.  Chalkboard walls are a great way to add decorative interest as well as useful purpose to your office space.  Typically, chalkboards are used for notes, or learning in children’s playrooms, however, a non-traditional use would be for decorative wall art.  In fact the rise of popularity for chalkboard walls have given way to whiteboard walls that can be custom mixed to be most any color and painted directly on a wall.

Paintings aren’t the only way to add artwork to your space, and by using your chalkboard wall for artwork, your space can be personalized in a way that is unique and creative.  Chalkboard wall panels are an inexpensive way to add style and function to your home office, playroom, exercise space or conference room.

Thinking outside of the box is the best approach to creating statement walls that pop!   By showcasing your walls, you give each room an opportunity to truly develop character that is personalized and suited to your tastes.  Your statement wall is your opportunity to wow your guests and increase the value of your home. Try these tips today.

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