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The Benefits of Power Washing


7 Benefits of Exterior Power Washing

Most homeowners are good at upkeep in their home by doing projects and maintenance regularly. It is also a fact that many people forget to maintain the outside of the home or just don’t know what needs to be done unless they see peeling paint. There is a very easy thing that can be done at least once a year that will not only make the paint last longer but will also reveal any issues long before they become expensive. Many homeowners are discovering the benefits of exterior power washing which are plentiful.

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1. Improves Curb Appeal

Most people want their home to look its best for guests, the neighborhood and pride in their most expensive investment. Curb appeal is also important when selling a home to make a good first impression for buyers. It projects a sense that since the exterior is clean that the home is well taken care of with little to no issues.

2. Prevents Expensive Repairs

Power washing can expose small cracks in the paint, any paint chipping or wood that is starting to decay. This will allow you to have repairs made in the early stages before it turns into a major expense. It also can make the paint on your home last longer avoiding the need for painting as often.

Painint masters employee power washing away mold

3. Cleans Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can be very harmful to the surfaces of your home. It is especially rampant on homes that are in climates with high humidity, have a lot of shade or have overflowing gutters. It will show up as black, white or gray spots. When someone power washes your home, it can remove mold and mildew before it causes damage.

4. Eliminates Contaminates

Most people think that mold, mildew and fungus on the outside of the home is not harmful to the interior. However, they can spread through doors, windows or become airborne. This can be especially harmful to anyone with asthma, young children, the elderly and pets. Pressure washing also eliminates pollen, pollutants, dust, dirt, algae and bird or rodent droppings which can lead to trouble breathing, allergies or diseases.

5. Makes Your Home Safer

It is also a good idea to pressure wash exterior walkways, garages and driveways that can accumulate grease and oil from cars, dirt, moss, mold and mildew. By removing these issues, the walkways will be less likely to cause anyone to slip and fall.

6. Removes Insects And Pests

All cobwebs and bugs will be removed from the eaves and in crevices of the home. While some spiders and bugs may not be harmful, some are. No matter what the poisonous level of the insects they are unsightly and most people would prefer not to have them prevalent on the exterior of their home.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Water is used at a high velocity which means it is strong enough to remove stains, take off loose paint and expose underlying issues. Because of the force of the water, pressure washers use up to 75% less water than other cleaning methods and does not require the use of harsh chemicals. The only thing be added to the environment is water and environmentally safe cleaners only if needed. These cleaners are not harmful to people, animals or plants.

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